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Shortly after school let out for the summer, I arranged to stay over at my friend Tim's house for the weekend. I remembered back to the ugly dude's pic and the other folders Chris kept. Tim's parents were going to be gone that week, but his older brother Chris was going to be around. The only difference between him and his younger brother is the fact he is gay. I quickly looked through a couple and found a guy about my age that looked a little like me. We finished up the game we were playing and Tim asked, "You want surf for chicks? We went over to the computer and Tim signed in under Chris's account. " For the next couple of hours we floated in and out of chat rooms trying with some success to chat with girls or find any nearby. " Tim opened up one of the folders under Chris's name.

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There were a couple of "boys" looking for "mommies".

There was a lady looking for a guy to play her step-son.

Tenchat is cool Made alot of friends my best friend Mad As Toast i met him here we have a laugh theres loads of cool people to meet Dan is cool too i like him Teen chat is an exiting place and cures your bordness - Dave The Raver This site is awesome, I've been coming to these free chat rooms for at least 3 years, and it's changed a lot.

It's gotten a lot better, more and more people to meet.

There are defining moments in life that make you look at things or people differently.

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