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Whenever you add photos and videos to a Live Album, everony who subscribes to it gets notified, so they can enjoy the new memories right away. If you have multiple devices with Real Times on the same Wi Fi networks, you can drag and drop them from one place to another withoutt uploading or downloading.

Our Real Player technology auto-converts the format, so they play on every device you have.

Now all your devices have plenty of room for music and apps, and you get to keep showing off your best moments.

Learn More Want to show your friends a video from your phone without having to pass it around?

It is still the best way to play and manage all of your video content on your PC, download web videos from popular sites like You Tube and Vimeo, convert videos to other formats and burn music to a CD – now with a whole lot more: Download free You've got all these great pictures and videos sitting around on your devices, but what are you going to do with them all?

Real Times Stories are magical montages automatically made from your photos and videos – no work required!

Learn More Hard drives crash, phones can be lost, but your memories don't have to go too.