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According to mythology, the 'stork' is responsible for bringing babies to new parents.

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The White Stork is one of the species to which the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA) applies.

Twenty five years ago the population of this "iconic emblem of Alsace", the bird revered for bringing fertility and luck to any home upon which it nested, had fallen to fewer than nine pairs in the entire upper Rhine River Valley, an area closely identified with the White Stork for centuries.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Stork One of the reasons I made a stop-over of more than a day on Bali this time was to visit the relatively little know memorial to a hero of mine, Mads Johansen Lange (1807-1856).

Lange was an adventurous entrepreneur who shipped out of Denmark at age 14; after sailing to Tharangambadi - then the Danish colony Tranquebar - in the Indian Tamil Nadu, he cultivated a taste for the East.

Threats to the species include the drainage of wetlands and other agricultural intensification, collisions with overhead power lines, use of persistent pesticides (such as DDT) to combat locusts in Africa, and (largely illegal) hunting on passage and the wintering grounds (HBW).