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I am also much more relaxed about everything because I know that if it doesn’t work out I still have this fantastic service at my disposal. Just wanted to say thank you Theo for the experience of being a member and part of The Only Social Club – it was very interesting and I met some lovely ladies and now I am involved with a stunning lady via your club. Theo thanks that you are super friendly and you seem to really care and you make good matches which is really what counts White lady 68 years old (Educator). I would recommend The Only Social Club over and above any other dating service….. I must admit Theo I was a bit skeptical at first, but after a few dates with some great ladies, I started to enjoy the whole process!

I had been online dating for a while and was getting bored.

At that time I told you that I wasn’t sure why since I was still seeing …… (During this period, incidentally, I have had full knee replacement surgery, had her visit me in hospital, and have since fully regained virtually 100% strength & activity in record time! I was “dating” elsewhere – albeit reluctantly since she had “rejected” me – and this clearly caused her to re-think the whole situation! It is very early days to believe nothing can go wrong – but we are both excited about this opportunity for new beginnings, and determined not to let it pass us by if we can help it! Before I discovered The Only Social Club I was feeling extremely frustrated with dating.

that we had formed a good friendship, were socialising, partying, riding, etc. She came to realise that I had become important to her, and that her feelings for me had developed far beyond mere friendship. Bottom line is that we are now very much “in love”, and planning a future together . Trying to meet someone who was right for me by relying on a chance of meeting someone is almost impossible.

together regularly, and really enjoying each other’s company – but probably no more would come of it . In short, she found that she didn’t want to lose me. I tried Internet dating but found that it just didn’t work for me. After searching the internet for inspiration one day I came across some websites for corporate matchmaking introduction agencies and I then came across The Only Social Club.

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