Women who want sex in kitengela

In this working era where women make their own money, they are assured of their financial security and hence need companionship. Steve Ogan, a married teacher and evangelist with four sons, argues that women submit when their husbands love them, and the best way to love a wife is to make her realistic story book expectation come true. Women who do not deny them conjugal rights ALSO READ: Ten reasons why half of divorcees had cold feet on their wedding day but still walked down the isle More than 65 per cent of all problems in marriage are rooted in sexual mal-adjustment between husband and wife.

While men expect their partners to always be on standby any time they need their conjugal rights, they do not understand that there are times or seasons when sex can be a burden for the woman.

If I want a man, all I have to do is be in my best behavior.

Keep my talk to a minimum and just like my mother taught me be my best behaved self.

WPC says its is easy to reach the women in organised groups.