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Like you're not going to meet a new friend of any kind at home in front of the TV with your DVR.

I think allowing myself to stay open and to remember when I just want to go home again and be home by myself, I sometimes think to myself, You're not going to meet—not even a new friend.

"What I put in my body gives me fuel to kind of go and be able to make it through a full day or a long day—and how I snack does too, because certain foods taste really good in your mouth, but once they hit your stomach they make you tired.

It's hard to meet friends or new people at the movies, but six o'clock dinner by yourself at the sushi bar is pretty great. I love that kind of landscape, that kind of scenery—the mountains, the rocks. In my job, I'm interacting with people all the time and there's always that. Since I'm not a big drinker I don't have like a, 'This is my go-to wine!

As much as it's great, and there are so many good shows on TV, and I have great books that I'm reading, get out and interact with people. I've met great new friends sitting alone at the sushi bar—I have dinner by myself all the time. I try not to tell my favorite spots so they can stay my favorite spots, but I do love quite mountain-y kind of stuff.

He's a German guy, and he has a beautiful line, and I use the gold line. She really just sort of deals with your skin and the juiciness of your skin, and I love it. I'm not a big drinker; my body doesn't like sugar so much.

Get some texture, get some crunch, get some protein. I feel like how you nourish yourself—your nails look great. Most of the masks that I use are from Biologique, and then there's one other guy, Julius. So alcohol is something that's part of my lovely vacation time and stuff like that.

Then my favorite meals are lunch and early dinner, and I have a lot of variations.