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C., with sources describing the pair as "very smiley." "They gazed into each other's eyes as if they were the only two people on the planet," the unnamed source told the tabloid.

The paper also cites an expert panel that believes Edwards has undergone plastic surgery to give him a youthful glow in the aftermath of his public downfall and tragic death of estranged wife Elizabeth in 2010.

Edwards has been keeping a low profile since he was acquitted of violating campaign finance laws in 2012.

Just weeks after his legal woes blew over, Hunter — his former mistress and mother of his daughter — released a shocking tell-all dishing on the intimate details of their affair.

Moving on: Rielle is reportedly depressed over the fact that John has started dating someone else, while he just wants to start fresh with his legal scandal behind him and his new law firm up and running Placing blame: Edwards is apparently angry over her decision to release a tell-all memoir about their affair- and even though she put out a revised edition where she apologized, he fears she will write another 'John cruelly told her he was done with her and that she needed to find another sucker to leach off.