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" Then I'd ask Denny Davin at The Allegheny County building to let the people at Rivers of Steel National Heritage in Homestead give us a tour of the Carrie Furnace in Rankin- something they've been doing for ages before the County locked them out- we'd go into the old Mill and Augie and Ron from Rivers would tell us how the place worked and how the men and women of the Mon Valley poured in and out of these factories and I'd say, “Remember that chapel we were just in?

This is where it was paid for.”Then we could skip up to Duquesne and my friend Bud could get us into a private club where we could have 75 cent drafts and a buck and a quarter shots and talk a little more about how the Valley thrived when Steel was strong, or about his horses, or the history of Pitt football or the little place he visits down in St Maarten in the Winter to keep his health up.

Because the producers felt Conrad was right for the part, production on the series was later scheduled to accommodate his work on the play.

Conrad went on to appear in the 1998 film Return to Paradise with Vince Vaughn and Anne Heche.

And maybe he'd mention how his pension and his health care, thanks to his Union, actually still work. Getting excited about the Pirates maybe playing .500 ball is like getting excited that Stalin is only gonna jail your neighbors.