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If your herd is larger, your top choice is likely to be better, in theory, anyway. When there is something better out there, you can’t help trying to find it.

You fall prey to the tyranny of choice—the idea that people, when faced with too many options, find it harder to make a selection.

Some add an extra layer of projection and interpretation; they adhere to a certain theory of compatibility, rooted in psychology or brain chemistry or genetic coding, or they define themselves by other, more readily obvious indicators of similitude, such as race, religion, sexual predilection, sense of humor, or musical taste.

There are those which basically allow you to browse through profiles as you would boxes of cereal on a shelf in the store.

The term for this is “trading up.” It can lead you to think that your opportunities are virtually infinite, and therefore to question what you have. For some, of course, there is no end game; Internet dating can be sport, an end in itself.

One guy told me he regarded it as “target practice”—a way to sharpen his skills.

Each client paid five dollars and answered more than a hundred multiple-choice questions. (A previous installment had been about a singles bar—Maxwell’s Plum, on the Upper East Side, one of the first that so-called “respectable” single women could patronize on their own.) She had planned to interview Altfest, but he was out of the office, and she ended up talking to Ross.

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    ” This is more like a phone-sex robo-call operator put on speaker.

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    Rumah tersebut agak terpencil di atas bukit sementara sekolah berada di kaki bukit. Aku dan Yati hanya berjalan kaki melalui jalan tanah merah sempit berulang alik dari rumah ke sekolah. Tapi kadang-kadang kami perlu berhati-hati kerana mereka menganut animisme iaitu menyembah roh nenek moyang.

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    – Menyusun nama bayi itu memang memutar otak sekaligus menyenangkan.

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    If you wouldn't want your best friend to do it, you shouldn't either. However, my agency has only about 50 officers and the rumor mill has been so out of hand.. Im just struggling with everything and don't even know what to do anymore. Just so confused I think you summed it up pretty well.