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It taxes the ken of men to believe that the affiants individually could swear to the truth of allegations, relative to the transactions that allegedly transpired in foreign countries given the barrier of geography and the restrictions of their laws.

Then when they found out I was doing the Janice Dickenson show and asked her if I was interested so when a magazine is asking you, and Janice Dickenson? And my family, I mean come from a Hispanic family with a machismo attitude where you have to be tough.

After 'Survivor', a lot of rumours, you know the blogs and the websites and rumours go out and so this magazine, Instinct Magazine, tried contacting me, but I never ever returned their phonecalls ? t ready and I was scared and I knew what they were trying to do. those little things make such a dfference in a kid's relationship so I had to grow up being this jock, this man, this stud, this image, just to make everybody else happy as a shield of who I really was.

He then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fashion and attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

He began working in couture clothing sales and clothing design merchandising for Guess? He spent five years with the company and helped launch the clothing line 'Los Angeles Denim Atelier.' He currently works as the Director of Men's Merchandising for Lucky Brand Jeans.

In sum, the Committee finds that the complaint is not sufficient in form and substance to warrant its further consideration.