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For example, the u Torrent checker along the bottom bar only indicates whether you are actively connecting to peers, as opposed to a reliable checker which would indicate whether or not you can connect to peers and are therefore connectable. Make sure you're actually seeding things from your site.

In your client, you should somehow be able to see what tracker the torrent is from. Note that these are not typical error messages that pop up in a window with the message inside—the tracker status is independent for each torrent and therefore, you will need to find it wherever you can see information for that torrent. If you get a tracker status that isn't "working" then something is wrong.

If it's not from your tracker site, you won't receive upload credit for it on here. Depending on the message, several things could be wrong. Note that the wording may be different depending on your client.

If you get a different error message, Google it and you will find your answer. Failure: Unregistered Torrent: This message has three possible explanations.1.

My current share ratio in Transmission is of 4:1, so I always upload 4 times what I download.

I don't need to be more "altruistic" than this.

I checked my connections and router settings and everything is fine. Or have there been tracker issues that I didn't know about? I don't have antivirus or a firewall (as scary as that sounds, but since I'm on a mac I'm not that concerned...