Updating your web config to enable asp net ajax

If you haven’t used Nu Get yet, then you are missing out on a great tool which you can use with Visual Studio to add new features to an application. In the Add Library Package Reference dialog, select the Online tab and enter Ajax Control Toolkit in the search box: Click the Install button and the latest version of the Ajax Control Toolkit will be installed.Installing the Ajax Control Toolkit makes several modifications to your application.The tag prefix ajax Toolkit is registered so that you can easily use Ajax Control Toolkit controls within any page without adding a @Register directive to the page.

updating your web config to enable asp net ajax-84

Folks often go into the IIS6 or IIS7 manager and setup an App Pool and see a properties dialog like this, and when the pull down the option, they often expect to see . NET 3.5 in the list and it's not there, and they freak out, rightfully so. In your new app's web.config, there's a section that is WCF specific, but otherwise the web.config looks pretty 2.0 typical. Second, the REST support added to Windows Communication Foundation, as well as, third, the fact that ASP. So, getting to answering the original question, try this experiment. NET Features, but the really important stuff is the There's the magic. IIS App Pools know about CLR versions, not Framework and compiler versions, those are set by the application.

Here's an explanation of why this is confusing, and hopefully by the end, it won't be confusing anymore. I didn't initially like the naming, because I assumed that each major version of the Framework meant a new CLR, but it's growing on me as I understand it more. Additional fundamentally new functionality has to be named something. NET AJAX is included, rather than a separate download as it was before in ASP. Well, not really magic, and there's nothing hidden. Now, this is just my opinion, but I like to name my App Pools in IIS like this...

After install it, you will found out that you may create AJAX Enabled Web Application when creating new projects(Web Site or Web Application).

You may also found out that there is a new tab called “AJAX Extensions” in Toolbox. NET AJAX Control Toolkit, you may do the following, 1) Create new tab called “AJAX Control Toolkit”;2) Right click under the created tab and click on “Choose Items…”;3) Click “Browse…” and browse to the folder which you extract the ASP.

You are now ready to build your AJAX web site or web application. NET 2.0 Web Site or Web Application, you do the normal action to write AJAX, you will found out that the AJAX is not working in your existing Web Site or Web Application.