Updating your hairstyle

Community Q&A Are you dressing more like your grandmother than your peers? If you'd like to fast forward your closet into the 21st century, some suggestions are presented here.

One of the many fantastic things about being a salon professional at Sola is having the freedom to customize your own salon space.

She even labeled the front part of the cabinet for clients and provided a curtain in front of the cabinet for clients to change into their robes quickly and privately. Create an Accent Wall Have a plain white wall in your salon space that you’re not sure what to do with?

A wallpapered accent wall is an elegant and eye catching solution!

Redken is currently renting a space at Sola Salons Brentwood and they’ve created a fantastic, attention grabbing chevron striped wall. Get Creative with your Color Drawer Standard Sola cabinetry comes with a spacious, pull out drawer for stylists to store their color.