Updating garmin nuvi 255

when I plug the Nuvi into my PC it claims to have only 10MB space left - so I decided to use the 8GB card I got with my phone as a way to transfer maps to the Nuvi. FAT16 won't allow you to use the whole card (as you know).

When I try this, the Garmin software states that I've done everything correctly, but when I put the card in the NUvi it cycles through the loading maps screen (green bar rapidly gets 98% of the way across the screen, then the device shuts down (or, if connected to a power supply, reboots). FAT32 would be your best choice, if that's not what it currently is. Have you checked Garmin's product specs or the user manual?

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If I take the card out, the Nuvi seems to work fine. Jim You didn't say which Garmin software you are using to transfer the maps (Mapsource, Map Install feature of Basecamp, downloaded lifetime update installer), what map product (City Navigator, Metroguide, etc.) or which format the product came in (DVD, SD card, download). Violating the first rule of support, incomplete info. I'm not sure if your 255 will support a card larger than 4GB. You should be able to easily find both on Garmin's site. It sounds like you are using lifetime updates to update the pre-installed maps.

You should run the installer and it should overwrite the maps on the unit automatically.

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