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Outside of suspension, there’s nothing else in your chassis that moves more than your steering linkage and they wear correspondingly.

They’re all relatively cheap and easy parts to replace, so when you go for the box swap, take the time to make everything new in the system, and you’ll be rewarded with the most precise steering your car’s engineering can offer.

These are available from just about any serious restoration shop, such as Year One.

On one level that spoil of riches is great, but it can also be overwhelming when planning what to do with your car and where to spend your hard earned money. Or said another way, performance still costs money, and you’ll need to choose exactly what level of modern car you want to match.

You can go crazy with custom stuff (and we totally encourage that), but before you do, don’t neglect the easiest stuff that can transform the driving dynamics of any vintage car. ’12 issue, Editor Hunkins wrote an editorial titled “The Low Hanging Fruit,” which pointed out a few of the easy mods that apply to pretty much every car, regardless of make, model, or style.

There is no such thing as “impossible” with classic and muscle cars anymore—just glance through the features and ads in any issue of PHR and check out the unbelievable list of parts available.

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