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We imagine the software download is the same per region, installing a fresh copy with the correct region configuration, so it shouldn't matter which one you choose to download – however, we've yet been unable to confirm this, so don't attempt to use this tool on your main device unless you know what you're doing.

updating a firmware to format the nokia pc suite-64

Ok I fixed my issue, PC suite crashing by running it as admin on windows.

When I run to "fix errors" it says I'm running latest version.

There is no reason for the phone to continue to report that it has been modified, certainly if you take my final optional step and couple this restore with a factory reset.

Originally Posted by Lennyuk I tested this theory yesterday, albeit without an OTA - it does replace all modified and removed files in /system/ as well as removing any files you have added such as root or xposed.

Community Q&A Most people who get a Nokia N95 (8GB) from their service provider soon discover that the latter locked up some of the features to force their customers to use their network for internet access, or force them to buy ring tones exclusively from their e-shop, as custom ring tones are not recognized.

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