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I am extremely turned off guys who initiate dirty talk before this stage, especially in emails and chat. Mud gets into your clothes, dust gets up your nose, you fall in puddles, you squeeze though holes, you get filthy, cold, wet and very dirty. like "so how was work today" and their reply is " god ur making me hot and hard" all im thinking is how the hell did they get that from that lol.

I don't mind a bit of fun flirting if it's humorous and goodnatured but nothing more.lololololol pmsl hahaha dream l can hardly type ,bucking spartacus strikes again ,,,,lolol spartacus ,are you sure your aussie lololbut after a minute or two,to stop laughting l agree with you there lucinda Talking dirty and talking about sex are two very different things Storm. I asked a male friend i have and he said to reply " oh my cat has just fell off the window and i have to go" then leave.

talking about sex doesnt worry me ,for some reason ,itseems smutty talking about it on a computer.....if it was brought up,l have no problems talking about it,,its not something ,lm going to bring up first talk ,we do that on here ,from time to time ,l have no problems,with that ,but again ,l wont do it ,on msn ,until the other person is ok with that ,,,but everyone different ...people have no problem with it and some do lm inbetween Hi!!

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