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During a press conference for the film, co-stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hilddleston and Anthony Hopkins talked about heroes and villains in the world of , working with director Kenneth Branagh at the helm of this big superhero movie, how costumes can inform character, and the importance of having humor on set.

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I think the Marvel people really know what they're doing, I have to say.

And I think that they're really creating impressive female characters.

I think a red dot will form on my forehead, if I give anymore information about Loki in , and it will take more than Thor to stop him, this time.

Chris and Tom, you guys both play very larger than life characters in this film, and now you’re going into a movie with a number of other larger than life characters for .

I would run around the house, pretending to be him when I was a kid. It was a nice pair of green underwear and a yellow shirt and red cape. And, I just don’t naturally sit at that weight, so I had to force feed myself with 20 chicken breasts, rice, steak and very boring, plain things. I had come back from a movie with Woody Allen (), which was a big surprise – I enjoyed that – and I left my agent because I wasn’t very happy, and I got a new agent. But, it turned out that it was the most enjoyable film I’ve been involved with, for a long time, particularly because of the cast and everyone and Ken. If you get up in the morning and you wear a breast plate and a back plate and a cape and a pair of golden Satanic horns on your head, it’s quite clear that you’re doing something else. I haven’t actually said this on record, but on our days working with Tony, he would just regale us with stories of when he was a young actor, starting out in with Peter O’Toole and Katharine Hepburn.