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In 1994, Gore visited a refugee camp and an orphanage in Zaire on a personal trip to provide aid in the aftermath of the Rwandan Genocide.

She stayed in a UNICEF camp and assisted doctors and aid workers.

Following the separation, Tipper has been romantically linked to Bill Allen, the former editor-in-chief of .

In 1992, her husband was elected vice president to Bill Clinton, and she continued her political activism in this new role.

President Clinton, who incidentally shares the same birthday, appointed her as his official and mental health advisor.

Political activist, photographer and former spouse of Vice President Al Gore Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson was born on August 19, 1948, in Washington, D. In 1970, they were married at Washington's National Cathedral, and in the same year she received a degree in psychology from Boston University.

until her husband was elected to Congress as a Democratic representative in 1976.

Tipper Gore was born on August 19, 1948, in Washington, D. In 1980, when her husband was elected Tennessee senator, she took up political causes.