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[For works edited by A., sec under the following headings :] Ramakujayya, T. Ms Sb SSTy S-a'o^ajg'o Biys S t Ss' -a»ii [Nama-linga- nusasana, or Amara-kosa. With a Telugu com- mentary styled Amara-padartha-chandrika, pre- pared by order of Palkuriki Kumarayya.] pp.

Translated by Sva- rupananda Svami from the Tamil.] pp.

A handbook of medicine, ascribed to the legendary sage Agastya.

An adaptation of the Sanskrit Vishnu-purana, in 6 amsas of verse interspersed with prose.] 4pts.

[A drama in 7 acts on the epic legend of Rama's abandonment of his throne at Ayodhya.] ( ir'a5bi T°2i?

A detached copy of the first luhida of the preceding.] pp.