dating net - Spotify feed not updating

If they follow someone else, they won't appear in my feed, if I unfollow someone, they won't go away.I have tried everything, reinstall, clearing the cache, deleting the storage, EVERYTHING. - When I use spotify via native spotify applications (the iphone app, the mac app) it WILL send songs into my activity feed.

spotify feed not updating-89

The fresh install updated the activity feed list(to a more recent list) but it still wont update/populate and just remains stagnant.

My friend feed is not updating and my music is not showing up on my friend's feeds either.

It has all these nice looking files in here: – but I also suspect this is a repository for debian/ubuntu which I cannot use on my RHEL-based workstation. But, I hope it works :) Guess we’ll see next time there’s an update to spotify!

The script itself is a bit long and I hope not too badly documented, so it’s available in the link below: more easily, you can just add your RSS reader (google’s reader, mozilla’s thunderbird, there are many of them).

Spotify on my Android phone seems to be similarly affected as well.