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'"Casey O'Leary, 33, owns the Earthly Delights Farm and first heard of the idea from a farm in Vermont.Farms in states that include Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio have also advertised similar weed dating events.

But seeing people weed her farm is also nice."I'm not a hookup coach, I'm a farmer," O'Leary said, her sinewy hands and dirt-incrusted fingernails proving her point.

Amy Johnson, 29, a Spanish elementary school teacher, heard about the event last year but couldn't make it."It's one of those life experiences that I might not always be able to get so why not take advantage of it this year? "I'm not much into dating, like speed dating or like, online dating.

But it's always fun to meet new people."Weeding is actually one her favorite activities, she said, adding: "Last year I was joking that if I would have weeded with my ex-boyfriend, we probably would have never gotten together ...

He was not a very good weeder."Brian Cox, a 47-year-old artist and musician, came looking for a new way to meet people."The typical speed dating, it's just kind of awkward," Cox said.

That was how Peraino, an intern at the farm last year, communicated with a woman named Jenn at last year's event.

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    Tiger Woods’ hair reflects his mixed ancestry, and it is neither straight nor kinky, but curly (he cuts it short enough that this doesn’t manifest normally, but I know people who played golf with him when he was a teenager and they attest to this). I am posting on this because of some responses below which asked how it was that mixed-race children can so favor one race.