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It’s a gesture that goes beyond price tags, reservations or Hallmark cards.It sets the stage for the ultimate romance…only you know what happens next.

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Her manifesto is solidified with the grainy, torture porn vibe of the 'New York' video, where she stalks the subway for prey with gas mask-wearing minions. Angel Haze: For me, writing the treatment was like going to the dark spaces in my mind.

You'd think she'd been listening to rap greats her whole life, but the Detroit-born / New York-based artist has only been listening to music for four years, since her family left the strict Christian sect in which she was raised. I wanted to go really dark, and me and the director [Adrienne Nicole] were on the same page. 'Who am I not killing in the game' is a better question. I don't particularly have any beef with any artist, 'cause I don't give a fuck. Angel Haze: Yeah, we did a session the other day, he's amazing. He just picked up a machine out of nowhere and made a beat. ' DD: And it'll still be rapping along with the singing?

I would go as far as wiping every picture of me from the internet, so people never get past the illusion. Really random, sporadic taste in music just started to come to me.

DD: Did you discover music online, or was it going to shows?

According to Sarah Deer, an attorney and professor of law who has worked for years to draw attention to high rates of sexual assault among Native women, the sex trafficking of Native girls and women is a story 500 years in the making.