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) apartment after a liaison and she reacts negatively.

I like that there's no real judgments here--sure, Jerry's just trying to follow the rules he set down, but I feel some sympathy for Elaine about how casually he's treating things.

It's an excellent use of Kramer, because his perfect gift-giving is weird, but loveable, as well as an unintended irritant to Jerry. " Jerry and Elaine's subsequent "breakup," on the bench, contains the aforementioned shocking little moment of emotional honesty when Elaine admits that she can't go back to being friends with Jerry after the collapse of the deal. Of course, despite this little moment, the events of this episode are brushed under the rug.

As Jerry’s ex-girlfriend, Elaine knows him well and adds a good dimension to the show that allows the viewer to better understand Jerry and the rest of the characters on Seinfeld.

Normally one to be assertive, confident and intelligent, Seinfeld Elaine still has those loveable “Seinfeldesque” qualities that make her a long-standing favorite character.

"We go in there, we’re in there for a while, then we’re back out here!

" Jerry says of the act, in the typically clean approach Seinfeld takes to all things dirty, but obviously sex complicates everything. Kramer is just disturbed, but Jerry, in his supreme arrogance, believes it can be done.

After completing nine wonderful and wildly successful seasons with the sitcom, Dreyfus continued to find success in primetime TV.