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While not a Scottish church history, this is a gripping introduction to the many glorious successes, and some of the painful failures of the church, from the days of John Knox to those of Horatius Bonar.

Explaining this panoramic tapestry are the words of Knox’s own commentary, ‘God gave his Holy Spirit to simple men in great abundance’. And in the discovery of it the reader will be introduced to a wealth of little-known literature that is a vital part of the inheritance of the whole Christian church. FERGUSON Murray explores Scotland’s rich Christian heritage and underlines its remarkable relevance for our own day.

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Last year, we commenced a multi-year partnership to support the Bible Society of Malawi.

Clapperton Mayuni, […] Read More 1st March 2017 Every year in the Philippines, National Bible Week is backed by Presidential Proclamations, which recognises the Bible as a good guide to moral living that is essential to nation building.

The country, which is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, has still not recovered from an earthquake that devastated the nation back in 2010.

More than 2,000,000 Haitians […] Read More During Lent, many people choose to give something up for the six-week period leading up to Easter.

The compelling interest of this account lies in the way it draws on contemporary records-many of these Christian leaders being authors as well as men of action.