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Sheckler was introduced to skateboarding when he discovered his father's skateboard at eighteen months of age.

He has stated that the first trick that he learned was a kickflip when he was approximately six years of age.

Sheckler has been competing in street skating and park contests since 2002.

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A part of me relates to kids my age, a part of me doesn't, I'm not complaining about my life, but it definitely gets to me when I want to go to the beach.

But then, I also want to travel and do all these cool things I get to do.

In 2008, the Sheckler Foundation was created to help the less fortunate, and also to donate to injured and recovering athletes.

Sheckler has appeared in the movies Grind, Dishdogz, Street Dreams, Ryan Sheckler is proving that you can come home again ... and sometimes your girlfriend is so hot that it doesn't matter.

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