Rules on speed dating how online dating is dangerous

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Appetizers are also included in the price of our regular Speed-Dating Events and the first drink is on US! When we begin, the host will give you a brief overview and instructions before we get started.

Women stay at the same table all evening, while the men participants progress around the room to a different table meeting a new "date” every 7 minutes (hence the name "7 in Heaven") At the sound of the "DING," each date ends and everyone marks their sheets Sheets have everyone's name you will meet with listed on it. YES or NO if you would like to meet with that particular person again At the end of the evening, everyone turns in their sheet.

Anyone that you picked that did not pick you will be informed of your interest in case they change their minds 7 in Heaven emails everyone with or without matches, the results of the Speed Dating event you attended the next day.

Anyone lacking matches are welcome to attend another of our Speed Dating events for 1/2 price standard admission.

This will be the most valuable way to making your assessment. Please note - If you do not want your contact cell number or email given out, then we must know ahead of time in writing directly from you.