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I conveyed him the message and he said he would do it for the price of R15,000." The three men met the following day in Tongo's car at a shopping mall in a nearby township.

"Tongo said it was a husband who wanted his wife killed but it had to look like a hijacking," he said.

Currently in a relationship, Hansen no longer uses either app but echoes Davis: “Grindr failed too often, and the monthly rates were too much, given the app wasn’t good." To wit, the free and paid versions of Grindr in Apple's App Store average just 1.5 stars out of 5, with the most recent user reviews reading like, "I can't open the app," or, "Fix it!

Davis, also a Jack'd user, finds Grindr crashes regularly.

And messages, which ought to be delivered immediately, are delivered a day or more later.

Which may be yet another reason why a competing app like Jack'd is seeing accelerated growth.

That's not to say Grindr has achieved antiquated status yet a la Friendster, the early-2000s popular social network that famously began its death spiral when technical issues led to its users jumping to other networks like My Space and Facebook (fb).

Indeed, ask gay men in San Francisco and New York which app they launch first, and they may tell you it's no longer Grindr, but Jack’d.