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Exploring the hidden lives of a couple who on the surface appear to have it all, Satisfaction is a topical and provocative new drama which follows the aftermath of a husband's discovery of his wife's affair. Yet, underneath this surface even though they have a loving family, somewhere along the way they lost their connection and their intimacy (physically and emotionally).

What can you tell us about Satisfaction, coming to the UK this month? It's the story about a very nice couple (Neil and Grace) who has (on the surface) the American Dream - the big house, expensive cars, a charming daughter who attends a private school... They forgot how to listen and be present with each other and also stopped doing things for themselves.

We have shot season two now and a lot more has happened.

Grace has learned a lot about herself by exploring and acknowledging her dark or dormant side.

What was it like working with the likes of Matt Passmore, Blair Redford and Katherine Le Nasa? It was tricky at first understanding the relationship of Neil and Grace and to have such a pro like Matt by my side was very fortunate because he likes to talk about the story and share before and after we shoot. I LOVE working with him and I feel we are always together in a scene and we work off each other.