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In the Friday afternoon dlsea» other Wichita man will represent labor. Van Vranken, general cbalrmaa of the Inter- national ^ssbelatlon of Maehlalata ot Lodge 70. GBATrnt DE trala waa France's reply to the American Friendship train which Americans packed with million worth of food and clothing for the hard- preaaed French as the train toured the Valtei^tat M la Iff 47. who nsnalty reflects;^ the trend of Comniunlat thought, told Allied newsmen he saw "no " reason" why the figure could not be incieased. SCHKDULii U to speak Friday morning ara Fred Stela, president ot Stein laboratories fa Atchison, and Floyd Black, exeeo* ttts Meretary of the Kansas State Federation of Labor. Ttie Communists were asked to select a site inside the neutral zoiie around Panm UBiom for ihe aetnal exehange of the prisoners of war, , ^ Commoniet eorreapondent Wtltrld Bnrohett. Pan American Day is celebrated in 21 American Republics on April 14. The Kansas Stale Collegian Published by Student Publications, Inc., Kansas State College d«Hy mx- oept Saturwy and Sundey durlno ' the fall and sprlni Ei temaslen. Entered ei 8eoondlu3 materials from the ag buildiaga have been moved Three Receive Grade Awards Oold, silver, and bran H medala have been awarded to John A, Weese, Samuel SInderaon, and Francis J. Investigators believed the wreck was caused by a signal failure pitta "« hnnan arror." Bolli ^ritttii f Wl M eonunvtava, hmit eight coaches. The first presentation of this typa dona by K-8tate students was "Private Lives" by Noel Coward, given last November. It is in rsspoase to tha en- thusiasm with which "Private Lives" was received that "Design for Living" will be given. The only props used by the quartet are four stools, four read- ing atands, and four copies of the play. "OVer-all, this produc- tion is superior to any in pt At Leadership Is Topic Of Industrial Panel years^ he said. iind the stage crew put on a polished production of their own.

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Mareella Beord, Shirley Jackson, Shirley Lehman, Pat Pat- ton, Beverly Phillips, Rachel Schonewd St Helen Sherman, and Gloria Stevra MHi. TONIGHT ONLY at Ts BO SNEAK PRE¥UE Rcypdw Featare Wbsmn. It is the complete Seasonal Service, to protect parts NOT ooyared by ehaaafs labriea- tlons. UNABI^B TO sattle down hap- pily with alther Leo or Otto, Gilda flees to a ralatlvely conventional life with the older Brnest, an art dealer played by Bill Wyse. Life camps in New Jersey are interested in securing staff mem- bers who ava atadyiog for work with children. Three of the previous four teats were tower shots and one waa an air drop.

New members of Junior Or- chesis are; Pal Bauer, Pat Ahl- strom, Carolyn Cook, Marilyn Dnna.'. HORTH AMERICAN AVIATION LOS AN6ELES will interview here APRIL 8 "45" Extended- Ptaytoc Mis • The Stars Are Rosemary Cloon^y The Jazz Singer Danny Wilson April in Paris D&m Day Percy Faith's Mfifficyoioea Streetcar Named Derire Bai^kgrnmnd Muinc Desert Sonff 6. "The field trip will take the students, staff, and Tlsitors to the Tri-State mlnlns dlstrlet this year, including visits to Pittsburg, Tndp ness. SAVE TIME and MONEY wltb Early Bird Special IMPORTANT This is more than a regular 1000 mile chassis lubrication. Most of the play's amusing dilemmas are provided by this threesome who can't lira success- fully wltti or without each other. A variety of Jobs and counaelor ~ positions Is available in Oirl Bcont, Camp Fire Girl, and IMHttl^ 9m Wt'ma A In parks. The atomic energy commission Irould not mdail^lleially that another top-see ret nuclear • ™ment was about to be held at the proving grounds, 65 miles north- west of here. As usual, the AEC refused to say whether the device would be set off Inside a tiny metal cab atop one of the three .300-foot steel and aluminum towers still standing at Yucca Flat or whether It would be dropped by an air toreti plaae.

Four judges will view the program one night and three another, Reitz said. A variety ef Jobs is ' available for men and waawn at Blates Park YMCA camp in C61oraio. Brian Emiyn Davien, William RUey Wyse, Thomaa Guy Pettlt. Dan Ran- soms Young, Richard Kipp Rus- sell, John Fred Atwood, Charles Lawrence Farlnella, Cbarles Doug- las Foreman, George W. Richard Staley Klinck, Roger Owen Day, Jr., Fred Gilbert Dike- man, John Edward Mc Shulskis. With these 29 men K-State has sent approxi- mately e SO stmlents for pre-In- duction examinations to date. The talk will be on Lund's mas- ter's report done under the direc- tion of Dr. The shot expected Saturday will be the fifth of tha present series and is expected to mark the half- way point in earrent teste. At the same time, workmen labored steadily on construction of numeroua structures to be used In two blasts scheduled for May, described as the most elaborate military affects testa ever to be held fhalde the 0.8. Flat, Include a series of low, massive concrete buildings containing six or more cell-like rooms, each with ex- tremely heavy steel reinforcement.

Before aad After Sneak Hospital Patmnfs students in the hospital today are Gerald Mitchell, Harold Peck, Richard Brown, Richard Urlch, Roy Jeffery. How- ever, Otto and Lao rejoin foreaa and whisk GHlda away from Ernest. The program in- cludes outdoor living with under- privileged children from New Tork Sty. There originally were only five towers erected for the present series at Yucca Flat, but a sivth was oomplated only last weekend.

The German chief of state also was e^eetod to dis- cuss tt in a speech before the National Press Club. The Matrix Table dinner each year features a professlonftl wo- mah In Journalism. At the suggestion of the Man- hattan Chamber of Commerce, the members erected a fence, painted silver, along the roadside leading to the Sunset Zoo. I7 month's md* Agreement on the exchange of ailing prisonerii would be a long sc«p toward resumption of armistice talks and j Kisslbly a Quick end M tb* l Edi Mitt war. The cost of vi Biting Kansas City for H weekend or a day la trane- portation to the city, meats, and entertainment other than what la planned. " The next day at his liquor store he aaw the man in the picture. Tickets will be on Hale in Anderson h-.i U until S p.m. WKIX^Ia ARNBD pandemonl- nm and or^nized upronr set thr scene at last night's final dreati ^ j rehearsal. *4I Niaili *m Q^*Om9« fl BB-OO SUB OUR SBUBXTTION AT Stai M-Weese Uli and Hou Hton Ph.

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