Oksana dating dating confidential documentary

Long story short Lana was suppose to be from Hello Oksana, Thank you for your great arrangement with Mr.Lex on your successful dating site of the most beautiful ladies. On mne segodnya zvonil i skazal o tom chto skuchaet. It appeared she did this not only as a job but because she genuinely wanted to help people find true love.

I am a sincere, open, inquisitive, tactful, friendly, resourceful lady with a good sense of humor. I want to protect my family and create a cozy home where children can grow up in a healthy atmosphere with a normal psychological climate.

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Somehow one Sunday afternoon, I found my way onto Oksana's website and within 5 minutes found my soul mate.

I know how that sounds because I'm as big a skeptic as anyone but as heaven is my witness, that's what happened.

many colors are many kinds of personalities.oksana you should be proud of what your doing and i know it is a wonderful thing of you, such a big heart, caring person, and doing randon acts of kindness...thank you !! Hi Oksana, My flight back from Punta Ca was pretty good. Maybe I should quit my job and work for you in Punta Cana as a cabana boy ;^)...