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the other day (I admit it, I still love that show).

It was the one where Phoebe’s half-brother Frank, who’s 18, announces that he’s marrying his high school home economics teacher, who’s 44.

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Of course, not all fathers are affectionate, and some are overly critical, which also robs their daughters of the fatherly affirmation they need.

But, overall, growing up in a father-absent home is a major risk factor for depression in teen girls, while having an involved father is linked to fewer psychological problems.

Some of my happiest childhood memories involved listening to his stories about his Lebanese homeland, watching him play silly made-up songs on his guitar, and riding on the front of his bike to the park. After my parents divorced when I was 2, our visits were limited to every other weekend and summer break.

I was always overjoyed to see him, but my happiness was marred by sadness because I knew we’d have to say goodbye too soon.

“This Cougar thing is a fad,” my Dad said recently. It’s just for sex.” To my Dad, someone who has a history of choosing younger women, it doesn’t add up. But older women aren’t as hot as younger women, some argue. Anyone can look good when they get older, if they’re willing to put in some effort. These people aren’t impressed with what they see in their age bracket and swear they’re “different” than people their age.

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    If your would-be date/friend/business associate checked the same box you did, the system would alert you both and exchange contact information. One of the first sentiments out of this man’s mouth was that the women at this event were judgmental and unfriendly. But he was a customer, after all, and I was in essence being paid for setting him up with these women. There was one attendee, a talkative, confident “regular” who I recognized from my first event. Visit her blog, “The Social Medium” ( and follow her on Twitter (@hilorywagner).