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If you’re looking for a legit adult dating website I recommend joining one that’s been online since 1996, the one I’ve personally been a member of for more than a decade the one with over 40 million REGISTERED users and i use the word registered because as you can see based on my review sites like Mega say in their terms that some of their user profiles may be ficticious or models or bots.

Adult Friend Finder doesn’t tolerate spam Adult Friend Finder is not a perfect dating website I don’t know what online or offline dating service is but I recommend them because I’m a member and as a member only thing I can say to ladies reading this is yes some guys that use the site are just straight up idiots and jerks and to the men reading this yes some women there might be escorts or just plain gold diggers the world isn’t perfect “everybody’s looking for something” I’ve been using Adult Friend Finder for years I have no plans to get married anytime soon and Adult Friend Finder by far is favorite adult dating website.

Posted: 7th August 2014 by Tracy in dating Tags: mega hook up, mega hookup, mega hookup legit, mega hookup review, mega hookup reviews, mega hookup scam, megahookup, megahookup review, megahookup reviews, megahookup scam,, legit, review, reviews, scam When scammers get exposed online they usually don’t give up instead they change their domain names and try to repeat their scam all over again.

Depending on when you read this blog post may or may not be still active.

Well being that they’ve been exposed the owners of that site decided to just create basically the same site with a different domain name.