Malaysia girl for sex dating

Malaysia girl for sex dating-69

Seriously, I think said girls may just be confused that with good ‘ol principles of the asians, but I don’t wanna say much lar. Malaysian guys all no fun I didn’t really ask more in detail, but basically the hot, smart, funny, gorgeous Malaysian girls are saying the local guys are boring.

Talk about football, go watch action movie, play Candy Crush… Malaysian guys dunno how to please me sexually Ok, for a country that ranked one of the highest in porn consumption, this is a weird remark to make. Malaysian guys have their nagging mothers nearby Haha, this is the classic fear of the (potential) mother-in-law.

Find your Tony Stark and just emulate, but don’t copy. Go for it As the Goddess of Nike said it, Just (Fucking) Do It already.

Watch what is done well and assimilate into your own character. Talk less, listen more, do even more I think there’s a reason why our creator gives us one mouth, two ears, two hands. And know that sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t – that’s life.

Well, if you put that kind of attitude, girl, everything also sound boring lar. Cos I had never had sex with a local guy before, I wouldn’t have first hand (or in my preferred case, any hand) info on this. Local guys love their moms (cooking more than anything else sometimes), so they may tend to be mommy’s boys.