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You cannot map these devices based on the individual device type such as Xbox One or Logitech F310 when using XInput because the device cannot be identified as as specific device type but rather simply as an XInput gamepad.

All XInput gamepads will use Xbox 360 Controller profile when Use XInput is enabled.

If you disable Use XInput, you will get device-specific identification and recognition (Windows Standalone only, not Windows App Store or Windows 10 Universal), but you will also have the drawbacks explained in the previous topic.

There is rarely ever a need to map these controllers individually by using the specific device-type maps.

There is no possible way to associate an XInput id to the matching HID device to get its name and make it be recognized as a specific controller.

Because of this, you cannot identify an XInput controller by name in Windows when XInput is enabled.

It is not possible to use Raw Input or Direct Input devices with Steam Streaming.