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Gakle said he believes the situation has been addressed sufficiently.

Holthaus said if prosecutors were serious about the case, they would have proceeded by now.

Doug Holthaus acknowledges that his daughter has been in trouble in the past and that she behaved disrespectfully in public during the July fight.

Holthaus, who was 18 years old at the time, went to the police to make a report about a fight she was involved in at a Holton Casey’s General Store.

Barber, in the footage, describes the incident as a “mutual brawl.” “What do they say when it’s not recording? “It made me lose some faith in law enforcement.” In the video, Frederick goes on to say that Holthaus’ baby is “destined to be a (expletive) loser.” The dispatcher, Belinda Cashman, chimes in saying, “As (expletive) up as that family is, maybe it’s his,” implying that Ashley’s father is also her baby’s father.

“If I were to make a comment like that, my job would be gone, and they’re public officials,” said Holthaus, who works at a nursing home.