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Seventeen of the plaintiffs in the civil suit, filed Tuesday, have chosen to remain anonymous.The other, Rachael Denhollander, says she was assaulted by him repeatedly at Michigan State in 2000, when she was 15 and seeking treatment for wrist and back pain.

29, 2016, other than the 2014 complaint that was investigated by MSU Police and our Title IX office." "The university began an internal review in September, looking at all aspects of operations involving Nassar's work at the university," MSU's statement continued.

"It will continue as new information and/or allegations are brought forward.

At our Flirty Thirty Festival you will meet inspiring activists who are putting women’s rights on the map in all corners of the globe, in brave and often-surprising ways.

They will stir your activist heart with singing, debate, photography, burlesque, spoken word, sex fitness and much more!

USA Gymnastics has fully cooperated with the FBI in its investigation.

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