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He also said that though the content is removed after such an abuse is reported, there is still no foolproof solution for the same. People of this state who are 60 years old will live for another 21.1 years on an average.

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The newspaper also revealed that a group of ethical hackers have started a war against this explicit social media pages in India and have reportedly taken down many accounts that were coping pictures and misusing them.

These vicious groups are also equipped with cameras and smartphones and are using them to click pictures of girls at public places and then sending them to administrators for further use.

J&K's infant death rate was live births in 2013; the same as Jharkhand and only slightly below the national average of 40.

"Once a child survives the first year, and then the first five years, conditions for survival and longer life spans improve considerably ," Kulkarni said.

By 2010-14, it had increased to 67.9 years, an increase of 18.2 years.