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It was the influence of the Mughal empire that gave birth to garments like the salwar kameez which is virtually seen as a one of the common dresses in India today.

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In 1813, Colonel John Munro, Britishdewan in the Travancore court, issued an order granting permission to wear upper cloth to women converted to Christianity.

The order was downgraded to wearing kuppayam, a type of jacket worn by Syrian Malabar Nasranis upon pressure from the pidakkars, the king's ruling council.

The dalit(called low caste and out caste) where not allowed to cover their breasts,and forbidden by force to uncover, if they covered.unfortunately the royal family of kerala didnot support lower caste(dalit) woman covering their breasts IN MALABAR:- Shaikh Zainuddin gives interesting details of this mode of dress; only a single loin cloth is girdled round the waist leaving the upper part exposed.

In this respect males and females, rajas and nobles, rich and poor are equal.” None of the Hindu ladies except Brahmins thought that the breast was to cover; IN NORTH MALABAR] “The caste law prohibits a Nair lady to cover her breast.

Uneasy with their social status, a large number of Nadar climbers embraced Christianity.