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My daughter felt embarrassed that I couldn’t find a job, and I’ve had to explain to her why she shouldn’t be. A commercial fisherman with 30 years experience from Tucson, Arizona has sent out dozens of applications, but gets zero bites.I had to explain to her that I was not ashamed, that I was mad. An Ohio IT professional with over 30 years experience was let go after 15 years at his company, and now finds himself working in a bottom-tier customer service position with 20-year-olds.Her firm gave her great recommendations and kept her on as a consultant for a year.

She points out that chronological age is generally not an indicator of capacity, even for pilots or firefighters.

Older, experienced workers actually hurt themselves less on the job.

Of those, about one in five (19%) say the reason they are not confident is due to age discrimination and 21 percent identify age limitations, such as feeling they are 'too old' or limited in some way because of their age."Ashton Applewhite blogs about aging and ageism at This Chair Geriatricians have a saying: If you’ve seen one 80-year-old, you’ve seen 80-year-old.

She has much to say about the myths concerning older workers that permeate our culture: that people over 50 are rigid, trapped in their jobs, take too many sick days, or can’t cope with technology. You can’t neatly categorize older people.”“It is true that younger workers can go faster,” concedes Applewhite.

From poorer service in restaurants to ill treatment in hospitals to outright harassment, people found themselves increasingly disrespected as they aged.