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Abbaji - (Star Wars) Abbey Abby Abi Abigail - "a father's joy" [Hebrew] Abyss Ael - "angel" [Breton] Aenka - "white" [Japanese] Agnes - "chaste" [Greek] Aida - "reward" [Arabic]; "help" [French] Aine - [Irish] pronouced "awnya" Akira - "intelligent" [Japanese] Akuma - (Titan A.

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I did report the player who asked for my number, a pop-up asked me if I wanted to block or report him.

I clicked on report and another option asked if I was sure.

There is also a life-ring symbol at the top right hand corner of the site which takes you to a pop up reminder of the rules.

The forum is full of chat about how to get more coins but the first time you log in you are directed to a post that tells you the rules of the forum, reminds you that it is moderated and informs members that inappropriate posts or language will be result in that member being banned.

Jasmin and Mariann get to interview some of the grooviest, most insightful and inspiring activists and changemakers around.