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“Page One” star Stelter, moving on from a fling with CNBC’s Nicole Lapin, seemed to be eating up the attention.

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Blogging, tweeting and Instagram are central to the characters’ budding romance.

In fact, much of their flirtation occurs through their fictional Twitter feeds, as the lives of @Guiliana Layne and @Bantering Ben raise eyebrows all over the media industry.

(Shupak and Stelter’s real-life engagement last month warmed the hearts of their more than 200,000 collective Twitter followers).

But once Giuliana and Ben finally sleep together in the book, they call a social-media blackout.

“Trans-it” girl Jamie Shupak may have new material for her Complex magazine dating column after the New York Observer’s “mixer” for top media bachelors and bachelorettes lived up to its name at East Village bar Scratcher on Wednesday.