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For those trying out Italian dating sites, try having a professionally staged profile picture, well lit and properly angled, with you dressed well and showing off your sexiest smile.The last thing to consider when dating an Italian is their friends, and more importantly their families.Both men and women are drawn to the chivalry, sensuality and glamour of Italian dating.

Italians are well known for their romance and passion, as well as their drive and zest for life.

It is only understandable that Italian singles are desirable all across the globe, no matter their gender.

A few weeks later I ran into him again at a bar where he was telling the employee to pile some more “mutzadell” and “brahjzoot” on his panino.

I asked him how his quest was going and the sound of his bubble bursting must have been audible from across the piazza.

asked me to write an article for an Italian website about my experience in Italy.