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Many a times I get questions from on how to identify infidelity in a married woman.

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Now the discussion or sometime the voice from other side will tell you whether it is a girl or a boy. Just show as if you don’t care as it is better to just avoid these long calls for a few days while you just keep an eye on her but don’t tell her that you are doing so.

If you are too much curious, you may just ask casually but never make it sound like suspicion.

Rather they want to celebrate break up and move on in life.

Sticking to one girl / boy friend is considered passe’. Pre-marital sex is no issue for most and both the sexes just want to enjoy sex and hence they get intimate even over a dinner.

- Shivangi [View Message] I must appreciate for your thinking such good but then you must see to that people who have lost their near and dear ones will now be at their bad state of mind and approaching them for a child will not look good....