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Striking photos that [are] shamelessly explicit, yet in no way resemble the standard poses and exaggerated facial expressions found in commercial porn...

Photo Sex will be remembered as the first real attempt to pull X-rated images out of the gutter and into the gallery." -- Dave Patrick, Spectator "Photo Sex offers a full body orgasm, chronicling the sexual evolution of the last 25 years with a refreshing heartfulness." -- Joseph Kramer, Ph. Coleman has written extensively on photography and sexuality, censorship, and freedom of vision.

And it is an invitation to you, the viewer of these photographs, to experience some of the work that has been generated by that intersection of sexual awareness, artful insight, and photographic technique - an experience that may change what you think of both sex and photography, perhaps even what you think of yourself.

Given that more and more people see sex as an important and complex celebration of what it means to be fully alive, it's hardly surprising that increasing numbers of artists - photographers, perhaps, foremost among them - want to say something significant about that kind of sex through their art.

Thirty-one talented photographers expand the definition of sex and the boundaries of fine art photography in 115 duotone photographs that unapologetically and unambiguously take sex as their central subject.