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This splits the ridge into a central part and two distal parts.In current humans, often only the central section of the ridge is preserved (if it is preserved at all).This individual predated the movement of pastoral peoples into this region.

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The central part of the mandible forming the chin carries a triangularly shaped area forming the apex of the chin called the mental trigon, not found in archaic humans.

Particularly in living population, the use of fire and tools require fewer jaw muscles, giving slender, more gracile jaws.

The human evolutionary genetics data set (Jobling, Hurles and Tyler-Smith, 2004) favor the "Out of Africa" model.

Analyses of modern Europeans suggest that no mitochondrial DNA (direct maternal line) originating with Neanderthals has survived into modern times.

art, ornamentation, music), exploitation of large game, and blade technology—is evident from around 40,000–50,000 years ago, Generally, modern humans are more lightly built than archaic humans from which they have evolved.

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