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'It is the inevitable inference from that that the defendant's daily visits to Mrs Davison were not prompted by benevolence towards the old lady but provided an opportunity to exploit her and steal her money.

'I have no doubt that the defendant had been helping herself over the months to Mrs Davison's money to ease her chronic debt problem.'James was warned she will serve the full 20 year tariff, less the days she has spent in jail on remand, before she can even be considered for release.

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Mr Justice Openshaw said the mother-of-three must spend at least twenty years behind bars and branded her version of events as 'outrageous lies'.

He said her brutal attack on Mrs Davison was 'savage and sustained' which left her with multiple bruises and fractures.

James, 39, then hatched an elaborate plot, claiming a tattooed intruder had attacked them both and ordered her to carry out a series of bizarre acts, in a bid to hide what she had actually done.

But after CCTV footage all around the property failed to pick up any sighting of a stranger, police being convinced the ransacked scene was 'staged' and a doctor concluding James' own injuries were 'self inflicted', jurors found the carer had carried out the brutal killing herself.

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