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I lost my virginity but other way round.' If G**** Circus raps about the battle between the little man and the mainstream in abstract terms, MC Kash is very specific and concrete.

His lyrics deal with the tensions between the hapless Kashmiri and the Indian state.

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And they rap in different languages (not surprising, given India's multilingualism): English (MC Kash), Hindi (DJ Faadu), Bangla (G**** Circus) and Punjabi (Yo Yo Honey Singh).

None of these rappers know each other, nor are there rap festivals (like with Indian rock and electronica) where they can meet each other and share notes.

Even though this is a revolution that will never be televised, the thousands of hits that these underground rappers garner on You Tube, and on their Reverbnation pages, shows that they have a massive audience.

For years, the Indian underground was dominated by rock bands.

He borrows heavily from gangsta rap- the fast cars, the sharp suits, the branded sports gear, the sexual aggro/ machismo.