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What job other than a bartender, bouncer, and a tattoo artist can they get? Lastly, if I ever happen to meet one of these girls parents I don't think they would want their daughter dating someone who has tattoos, and piercings all over. She rarely lets me know what her plans are, I find out on the fly.

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Making a mighty leap, he jumps up onto a light post, grasping it with one arm while he hurls the bronze rat into San Bay with the other, as far as he can heave it.

Pulling his legs up and clinging to the light post, he watches in amazement as the seething tide of rats surges over the breakwater into the sea, where they drown.

Nervously looking over his shoulder, he begins to walk faster, but every time he passes another sewer drain, more rats come out and follow him.

By the time he's walked two blocks, at least a hundred rats are at his heels, and people begin to point and shout.

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