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When I told her, I couldn’t even tell her I was gay, I said I was dating men.

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[After couple of days] she wrote me back saying she called The Trevor Project and they really helped and [that she was] much better.

It makes me so upset to think a child would think about taking their own life, but it's wonderful a place like Trevor exists.

stars Fran and is based on the events of her and Peter's post-marriage lives together, as it would've happened today and instead of the late '90s when they separated and divorced.

The show returns for a new season packed with guest stars and fan-pleasing events. Peter Marc Jacobson: Fran and I took a vacation together to Paris after we were divorced, and we started getting into all these fights, and started going back to the way we were when married.

So I said, why don’t you just make a statement that we’re friends and we love each other. I was going to the Roxy, can't come out more than that. We also have great guest stars this season - Joan Collins, Florence Henderson, Robert Wagner, and Cyndi Lauper, who just shot an episode. it takes a while for a series to get its groove going, and now this season is really out there. Back to your relationship with Fran, what went on through your mind before you came out?

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    That Google was launched with only million in 1999 and grew into a billion enterprise at its initial public offering five years later�the story is repeated at ventures like Facebook, Snapchat and many others.

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    As rich as their data sets are, the uncertainty of that first meeting remains.

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    Scotland also abolished the observance of Christmas, from 1640 until 1958 when it became a Scottish public holiday again.